Caribbean Treats
From sweet to savoury, we have a mouthwatering selection of Caribbean treats available at Lincoln’s Patisserie that will have you coming back for more.
Coconut Drops
Coconut Turnovers
Peanut Cakes
Fried Chicken & dumpling (Can be pre-ordered)
Ackee & Saltfish dumplings (Can be pre-ordered)
Jamaican Bammies
Caribbean Drinks
Did you know that at Lincoln’s Patisserie, we have a wide variety of drinks from the Caribbean? From Jamaican Sorrel to Herbal Bitters, we have drinks for everyone to enjoy.
Flavoured Syrups
Herbal Bitters
Maulby Syrup
Jamaican Sorrel
English Pastries
Interested in something a bit more British? Then look no further, at Lincoln’s Patisserie we have a delicious selection of English pastries available on a daily basis.
Cheese & Onion Puffs
Chicken & Mushroom Pies
Cornish Pasties
Steak & Kidney Pies
Sausage Rolls
Porridge is freshly prepared daily (Cornmeal, Oats or Green Banana Porridge)
Cooked meals available every Friday. (BBQ Chicken or Curry Chicken with Rice & Peas and Salad)
Jamaican soups available every Saturday. (Mutton with Gungo Peas or Red Peas Soup)